72 Miles… becomes Miles for Freedom


New name same great cause!

Changing the name to Miles for Freedom is our way to include more people in the mission to bring awareness and funding to ministries that support the restoration and freedom of people. 72 was the number of miles Gentry was called to complete for the estimated 27 million trapped in human slavery, but we have always had people joining the cause with the number of miles they felt compelled to complete. Our hope is that you will not be intimidated by a number of miles rather be encouraged to join our adventure to free people from bondage.

New for 2014: Sports Expos and Event Dates

The first two freedom events will offer the maximum distance of 27 miles and we will finish the year strong with our original 72 mile adventure at the Midwest Outdoor Experience with a potential of reaching 20,000 people! Registration for Atlanta will open in January and for both Dayton events in February.

Sports Expo Booth- February 14-15, 2014- Dayton, OH (The Adventure Summit at Wright State University)

Miles for Freedom is excited to have the opportunity to gather with 8,000 people at our very first sports expo! The expo is FREE! Come meet the Oasis House staff, register for our events and try on new inline skates, cycling equipment, longboard products and more. You will also have a chance to be the winner of a custom longboard from our sponsors at Equality Longboards!

  • We are still looking for sponsors to help us cover the cost of our expo booth and promotions. In return you will help Oasis House in Dayton provide furniture for their first residential program and your logo will be in all our online media, T-Shirts, and on the banners at the expo booth!
  • Please contact 72milesforfreedom@gmail.com if you are interested
The Adventure Summit logo

The Adventure Summit is the Region’s Premier Outdoor Adventure Exposition

Thousands of outdoor enthusiasts will converge on Dayton, Ohio: The Outdoor Adventure Capital of the Midwest for a weekend of outdoor skill, culture and experience. Join them, and see what the excitement is all about!

The Adventure Summit has a rich history of featuring world class outdoor personalities. From endurance runners to long distance backpackers and the founding father of mountain biking to polar explorers, our featured personalities each year are sure to inspire and amaze. We are proud to welcome Dave Cornthwaite and Jon Turk as our 2014 featured speakers. View a complete listing of our past featured speakers. (Copied from The Adventure Summit website)

April 26, 2014- Atlanta, GA- Benefits Wellspring Living (Silver Comet Trail)

Mileage Options:

2.7 • 7.2 • 27

May 31, 2014- Dayton, OH- Benefits Oasis House (Park to be announced when permit is finalized)

Mileage Options:

2.7 • 7.2 • 27

Oct. 4-5, 2014- Dayton, OH- Benefits Oasis House

(“Competition” of Midwest Outdoor Experience at Eastwood Metropark )

We are honored to gather with 20,000 people who will be attending this great outdoor expo. Our original Miles for Freedom event will be offered on Saturday with a maximum of 72 miles! The interactive expo booth will feature the awareness campaign and allow you to try the latest inline skating gear and local longboard equipment. We are looking for a company that provides cycling and running gear to join as sponsors. More details will be announced in a separate blog as they develop. Registration for this event will open at The Adventure Summit expo booth and online. Checkout the video below!

Mileage Options:

2.7 • 7.2 • 27 • 50 • 72

midwest-outdoor-experience small


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